The Clear Your Beliefs Program

 The Clear Your Beliefs program is a combination of our 7-part audio series on belief-clearing, plus 8 group or 1-on-1 coaching sessions customized to your specific needs.
Use the program to eliminate your limiting and negative beliefs, childhood wounds, resistance, or interference in any part of your life: work, relationships, finances, health, love, career, manifestation, or your life purpose.

Clear Your Beliefs Audio Program plus 8 hours of personal 1-on-1 coaching with Kim:


You’ll receive the complete payment 7-part Audio Program, which takes you on a journey of exploration of your subconscious mind and core beliefs. Each week, you’ll work through one recorded program, then I will take you even deeper, customizing the program to your needs – so you get the optimum benefit from each step of the program.

Our eBook: Clear Your Beliefs

Not ready for the program? Download a copy of Lion’s eBook, Clear Your Beliefs, and learn about the scientific and philosophical underpinnings of the method and the program. More than 12,000 people have downloaded the book and learned about their subconscious patterns. The book includes the first step in your exploration, the Belief Self-Diagnosis Exercise. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Clear Your Beliefs Audio Program – with weekly Mastermind


Choose this option ONLY if you are willing to commit to yourself and your fellow Mastermind participants for the entirety of the program. Your collective growth is based on the strength and contribution of each individual member. If you are unsure of your needs, please schedule a call with me at the link below and we’ll find a solution to meet your needs.

Clear Your Beliefs Audio Program – Self-guided


If you’ve purchased audio programs in the past, and didn’t complete them, this option will not work for you. Don’t waste your money. You won’t get the benefit it offers.

Those who ARE highly self-motivated report extraordinary results from the Clear Your Beliefs Program.

Unfortunately, fewer than 20% of people who purchased the program during the past twelve years completed it.

Please consider carefully whether you can count on yourself to dive in and work alone to uncover your deepest subconscious beliefs. And remember – your Ego has a lot of reasons to block you and distract you from uncovering the structures that were originally set up for your survival. It will attempt to distract or waylay you along the way. This is why so few people complete the program.

We are happy to offer it to you for purchase, however there are no refunds available because we have no way to support you through it.

Free 15-minute consultation

If you’d like more information about the Clear Your Beliefs program, or if you have questions, schedule a complimentary 15-minute conversation, so we can explore the best fit for you.

If you’re considering the program, but have concerns, doubts, or reluctance, choose this option. (Remember: those are all beliefs – and they can be cleared if the program is right for you.)

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